【S-Ergo 105】 Specially designed S-Ergo seating, gives my dad a pleasant feeling

My father has spent this past year either lying on his bed or sitting in his wheelchair.

Some time ago one of my friends gave father a wheelchair, but unfortunately it wasn’t the very comfortable according to him. It was then that I decided to find my dad a wheelchair that he can be fully satisfied with.

The first time I saw the brand ‘Karma’ was when I was browsing on the web. I phoned them up to ask for more detailed information about their products and the professional attitude of their customer service still remains on my mind until this day. I went to their dealership and they suggested that I try out the S-Ergo 105. I was amazed by the quality of the wheelchair and the ergonomic seating. We purchased it right away.

My father loves this wheelchair. He said that it is more comfortable to sit on than the couch we have at home. I’m so glad I have purchased this chair. Its value is greater than its price.


Years of using wheelchairs:a year and six months

Taipei, Taiwan
Miss Su


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