Jack and Aaron | #KarmaPossible

Jack and Aaron are both wheelchair users, and they are brothers. They are so close and almost like conjoined twins. And let’s check about their wheelchair life in the following content.

Jack: Being disabled makes you learn a lot because you see the world differently to somebody else; because our conditions life limiting you want to do everything that you can do, that you can still try and live a normal life.

Jack: My name’s Jack I’m 22 and I’m from Birmingham.
Aaron: My name’s Aaron I’m 24 years old and we’re brothers, we’re like conjoined twins we’re not.
Jack: Never apart.
Aaron: It gets on my nerves a bit.
Jack: Aaron thinks he’s the comedian.
Aaron: I’m the funny one, that’s all.
If you’re not feeling good like at least we’ve got one another there to reassure each other. It’s just good to have somebody else to talk to and hit me.

Jack: I’m a Cat technician and I work in the roads department.
Aaron: I’m a Cat technician too but in- for a different department that’s for bridges and structures. I think I’m quite shy but once I get to know people I’m all right.
Jack: I’d describe myself as chatty.
Aaron: He’s got a loud one, we call him chatty man.
Jack: Try not to be negative.
We would rather be positive people. I don’t like negative energy. I’ve got a good sense of humor, motivated.

Jack: My hobbies are playing computer games, wheelchair football. I think about chair preparations thinking before you even touch the ball that would be two steps ahead you know thinking, that’s my next run gonna be and you have to think about pace or things like that.
Aaron: No time to ball much really.
Jack: West Bromwich Albion Powerchairs, that’s the name of our team.
Aaron: Get your mind going and keep your mind off what’s going on the outside.
Jack: It gives you a purpose like you know you’re there for one reason and you know it’s to try and win games.
My football wheelchair is used purposely just for football, not made for comfort but for sport. It’s like driving a tin can.

Jack: I definitely prefer the Karma. So, my Karma wheelchair is used for everyday life, it’s like the Rolls.
Aaron: Royce of wheelchairs, it’s a part of you basically, it’s my legs.
Jack: Sometimes when you feel like you’re asking for too much, makes you feel like a burden but I think having this independence gives me the freedom to do what I want to do, have to just think about the things you can do not worry about things you can’t do.
Because everything’s possible if you put your mind to it.

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