【S-Ergo 305】My Best Ride for Traveling the World

«Today I have my freedom to go anywhere I want to in anytime.»

My name is Mahmood Al-Haiki, 27 years old. I am having a movement disability since my childhood. Currently, I am working as a Marketing Officer in Hospital.

Since I was little, my father and brother have been my greatest supports against all those who don’t believe my ability to achieve anything I want to do, because of my disability. When I was younger, I was once inspired by Nick Vujicic’s speech and his story deeply, then I started to challenge myself to live the life I want.

Now I cook, I drive, I even ride horses. Among all these amazing things, discovering the world is my favorite hobby. I have been using Karma S-Ergo 305 for a long while. It not only makes my traveling much easier, but it also makes transportation in my trip faster and convenient.

♦ Issued by Mahmood Al-Haiki from Bahrain in May. 2019

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